Fleet control
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Software-hardware platform BoatWatch

Web-oriented information-analytical system with a great deal of possibilities for fleet control and management.

Possibilities of BoatWatch

  • Access to gathered data anywhere and anytime through the Internet.
  • Display of vessel on the electronic map in the real time mode.
  • Provision of data about activity of the vessel within any period of time in the form of tracks, reports and graphs with the possibility of printing and export in any convenient format (xls, pdf and etc.).
  • Possibility to build geo-zones for observed objects.
  • Timely notice about important events (deviation from route, exit from the geo-zone, change of parameters).
  • Differentiation of data access right for categories of users.
  • Support of meteo-cards.
  • Information presentation about operation of the vessel using a graphical SCADA-interface.
  • Access to electronic vessel documents (vessel-log book, activity log, corrective action register and etc.).
  • Access to digital technical library (technical passports, instructions, reference books).
  • Flexible adjustment of the program functionality for requirements of users.
  • Free of charge access to renewals and new versions of software platform.
  • Data transfer to the control and metering systems, used at the enterprise (1S, Parus and etc.).

BoatWatch: monitoring

  • Monitoring and displaying of vessel location in the mode of real time with detailed information for each object: name, coordinates, speed, direction of movement, mode of activity, nearest address.

BoatWatch: tracks

  • Creation of "tracks" (motion trajectory) of vessels for any period with indication of stops, stays and other events.
  • All necessary information about the vessel in the graphical form with a possibility of scaling and detailed elaboration of parameters.

BoatWatch: reports

  • BoatWatch provides a possibility to develop various kinds of reports with all necessary information (time of engine operation, fuel consumption and etc.).
  • In addition to standard reports it is possible to perform setting of additional ones, as required by their users.

BoatWatch: information for crew

  • Information about vessel for captain: main operating characteristics, speed, travel direction.
  • Information for chief mechanic about state and working conditions of vessel mechanisms: engines, boilers, tanks, master distribution board and etc.
  • Information about fuel supplies and condition.

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Fleet control and management systems

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