Fleet control
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Fuel metering in the course of bunkerage

Tested and corresponded to modern requirements decision for automated commercial record of issued and accepted fuel of any kind and state.


The solution for control of bunkerage includes the software-hardware platform BoatWatch and mass flowmeters of Coriolis type, distinguished by high precision (+0,05%), simplicity of assembly and operation and providing a possibility to get all necessary information without installation of additional equipment.

System user at the ves­sel

Mass flow­meter


System user on the shore

Print of do­cu­ments


  • Exact information about accepted (distributed) fuel: volume, mass, density, temperature, intensity of supply (distribution).
  • Automated fixation of place, time, duration of bunkerage.
  • Notification in case of property change of bunker fuel.
  • Full visual control of bunkerage processes both locally and remotely.
  • Status control of vessel equipment.
  • nformation about the difference of fuel in the bunkering tanks.
  • Remote access to statistics and analytics for bunkerage events within any period.
  • Data transfer to the financial recording system.
  • Formation and printout of accounting instruments.


  • Absence of commercial losses resulted from errors in measuring of fuel amount.
  • Discipline strengthening and responsibility increasing of the crew.
  • Service life extension of vessel equipment.
  • Decrease of idle time of vessels.
  • Prestige of company at the market of bunkerage services.
  • Increase of fail-safety and ecological safety of bunkerage.
  • Reception of legal grounds for solving matters of dispute connected with bunkerage.
  • Profitability growth of bunkerage services.

Efficiency in figures

Type of vessel

marine vessel

river vessel

Period of navigation

12 months

6 months

Daily average fuel consumption

18 tons

4 tons

Fuel consumption for navigation

6 570 tons

730 tons

Expanses for fuel with the cost of ton of 35 000 rubles

229 950 000 rubles

25 550 000 rubles

Economy for one navigation with control of bunkerage and prevention of 2% runout

4 600 000 rubles

511 000 rubles

Cost of project

up to 1 000 000 rubles

300 000 rubles

Payback time of the system

from 2.5 months of navigation

from 3.5 months of navigation

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Fleet control and management systems

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