Fleet control
and management systems

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Fuel control in the tanks

Complex solution for efficient control of fuel amount in the vessel fuel tanks and analysis of its state.


The solution for control of fuel in the tanks includes the software-hardware platform BoatWatch and fuel level measuring transducer, as well as a number of additional equipment for provision of reliability of indications and visual presentation of information.


  • Full and pictorial information about fuel tanks in the fullness of time: level, pressure and temperature of fuel, gas pressure, total amount of fuel.
  • Warning about critical situations.
  • Protection against overflows.
  • Statistics gathering and formation of reports.
  • Access to data both locally and remotely.
  • Integration with other vessel systems.


  • Absence of commercial losses resulted from errors in measuring of fuel amount.
  • Discipline strengthening and responsibility increasing of the crew.
  • Increase of cargo operation fail-safety.
  • Increase of planning efficiency.
  • Profitability growth of the enterprise.

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Fleet control and management systems

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